New MCU series “Loki” has a launch date

Image source: The Walt Disney Company

This is what Marvel fans have been waiting for: Disney + has now revealed the start date of a long-awaited MCU series. The first episode of “Loki” should be shown on the streaming service as early as the beginning of June. Before that, another offshoot from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will enter the race.

Ultron, Killmonger, Hela and of course the top villain Thanos: The MCU has seen many top-class villains, but none of them had the charm and wit of Loki. Actually, Thor’s brother has blessed the temporal in “Avengers: Infinity War”, but the events in “Endgame” make it possible: Loki lives! At least an older version that is now getting its own series. Disney + has now also revealed the start date of the series of the same name.

Marvel series “Loki” to be seen on Disney + June 11th

So will “Loki” made his debut on June 11th celebrate so The Verge. The premiere episode of the new MCU series should then be available on the streaming service. Continue will be in weekly rhythm broadcast as we already know from “WandaVision”.

Disney + is using a clever trick: Instead of simply providing all episodes at once, as its big competitor Netflix often does, there is a new episode every week. First, Loki stays in the conversation, and second, Disney + forces users to stick with it. Taking out a subscription for one month, watching all episodes of the MCU series and then ending the subscription – that is not possible.

What else to look forward to at Disney +:

Falcon and the Winter Soldier will debut on March 19th

In addition to the start date for Loki series, Disney + has continued to look into the cards. So should with “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” another MCU series already on 19th March go on air. After the WandaVasion finale on March 5th, Marvel fans only have to wait two weeks for fresh MCU supplies. In addition to the new content from Star, the now upcoming Marvel series should at least alleviate the pain of the price hike that Disney + recently made.

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