New iPhone 15 buttons may be off the track – we know this

New iPhone 15 buttons may be off the track – we know this

For a long time it seemed that the iPhone 15 Pro would get new buttons, but recent rumors contradict this. What do we know so far?

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New buttons will not come anyway

In recent months, it seemed strongly that the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) would get new buttons. According to rumors, the phone will have one large volume button, which vibrates when you ‘press’ it. According to the same rumors, the mutebutton into an action button, which also works with Haptic Touch. This makes the iPhone 15 Pro the first iPhone without physical buttons.

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Now, however, it seems that the iPhone 15 Pro will not get any new buttons after all. Well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said earlier this week that Apple has changed plans. So what will happen to the iPhone 15 buttons?

Buttons almost identical to those of the iPhone 14

New photos show that the iPhone 15 Pro does have two volume buttons. You can still press these buttons, making them almost identical to the buttons we already know from the iPhone 14 Pro. It is therefore quite possible that we will not see the new buttons with Haptic Touch until the iPhone 16 (or even later).

According to the latest rumors, the new buttons were planned for the iPhone 15 Pro, but have to be postponed due to technical problems. Due to these technical problems, Apple cannot start mass production of the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) in time, so that the old buttons are now used again.

iPhone 15 buttons

This is new with the iPhone 15 series

The question then remains: what is new with the iPhone 15 series now that the touch-sensitive buttons have been deleted? The new iPhone 15 Pro (Max) will in any case have thinner screen edges, making the housing of the device slightly smaller. The phone also gets an improved camera and the new A17 chip is introduced.

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