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‘New iPad Pro with OLED display will take a long time’

According to goodies, Apple will only switch to an iPad Pro with OLED display in the distant future.

Rumors have been circulating for some time about a new iPad Pro with miniLED for next year. In fact, Apple would be betting pretty hard on the new display technology. At the same time, the iPad maker is working on another new variant of the tablet, an iPad Pro with OLED display. But it will be quite a while before that tablet is in the shops.

iPad Pro with OLED will take a while

Organic light-emitting diode, also abbreviated as OLED, is slowly but surely being adopted by the smartphone and TV industry. At the same time, Apple would also use the technology for the next iPad. But according to analysts at Barclays (via MacRumors) that will take a very long time.

It would be very unlikely that Apple will start at all with an iPad Pro with OLED display in 2021. The billion-dollar company would come up with the ‘new’ display technology at the earliest in 2022.

It is not entirely clear what Apple will take care of to keep working with LCD. OLED has some solid advantages over LCD. MiniLED can also remedy some shortcomings of LCD screens. It therefore seems that Apple wants to focus much more on miniLED and skips OLED, as it were.

It is striking that Apple has long switched to OLED for their iPhones (except for the SE series). In theory, it shouldn’t be that difficult to omit LCD. On the other hand, the latter technique is usually a lot cheaper to produce. Also, LCDs usually last a lot longer, which could justify Apple’s preference.

Anyway, if you are looking for an iPad (Pro) with an OLED display, you will have to wait a while.

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