Lidl sells the perfect devices for cold days on Monday

Lidl sells the perfect devices for cold days on Monday

Winter is here and temperatures are low. At the same time, the energy costs are very high, so that not all of you want to turn up the heating as much as you used to. There is a solution for this, because Lidl sells a wide variety of products at lower prices that you can use to warm yourself.

Lidl wants to keep you warm in winter

If you are looking for cheap ways to keep warm in winter and a regular blanket is not enough, then you could turn to electric gadgets that generate extra warmth. At Lidl there is from December 12, 2022 a whole flood of products that want to keep you warm:

All of the products mentioned are available in Lidl shops and are also sold via the online shop. But you have to pay shipping costs there. If you buy several devices, you can register for the newsletter and save on shipping costs.

What you should know about Lidl:

Are such devices worth it?

In the end, you have to know for yourself whether, for example, an electric blanket is worth it for you. After all, such a ceiling also consumes electricity, although it is relatively little. We’re talking about a maximum of 100 watts per hour. If you were to use the ceiling at full power for 8 hours every day, which probably nobody does, then at a price of 40 cents per kWh you would pay around 32 cents for these 8 hours. In return, you get the heat targeted to your body.

Personally, I can recommend the back-neck heating pad. I use that myself. Not because I’m cold, but because I can relieve tension with heat. So there are not only products that keep you warm in winter, but can also be very useful in general.

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