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‘It was suspiciously quiet in the schoolyard’

He is constantly lurking: that infamous agenda blunder. And then your planning can be so precise, but he will get you in a hilarious way.

Linda (37): “If I bring my child completely dressed as Elsa – including glitter make-up – to the nursery, the carnival celebration turns out to be a week later.”

Better too early than too late

Nicole (41): “Full of enthusiasm I had decorated everything with the children and made breakfast in bed. We entered the bedroom singing. And then I found out that it wasn’t my boyfriend’s birthday at all. Only a day later.”

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With screeching tires

Mirke (42): “During the holidays, my daughter also goes to the out-of-school care, where they organize everything. At least, that’s what I hear when she comes home in the afternoon. Because I always forget to immerse myself in the program.

“I drove like crazy to the ice rink and parked my car next to the bus”

That also turned out during the Christmas holidays, because when I didn’t bring her until half past nine, it was suspiciously quiet. I saw no children and hardly any teachers. The one employee I did see walking told me that they would go ice skating today. I drove like crazy to the ice rink and parked my car next to the bus, just before the door opened and all the kids came out screaming.”

Oh yes, study days

Lottie (33): “It was suspiciously quiet in the schoolyard that day. Feel free to leave completely. I had missed the fact that it was apparently a study day. And I had to go to work, at a car dealership. Fortunately, we have a play corner at my work, which he enjoyed for hours.”

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