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iOS 15 on your iPhone 13 is causing problems with CarPlay

Work in progress for Apple. iOS 15 on the brand new iPhone 13 doesn’t seem to work well with CarPlay.

If you have just bought a new product, you naturally want everything to work as smoothly as possible. Especially if you had to pay a large amount for it. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the iPhone 13 with iOS 15 when you use it in combination with CarPlay. Complaints are pouring in from iPhone 13 owners on social media that they experience issues in the car.

iOS 15 CarPlay issues

Some of the problems described by MacRumors are that no music can be played. As soon as you try to play music it crashes. It does not matter which music app is used. It would work fine on older iPhones though, so it’s specifically an issue with the just-released 13.

The problems would occur via both wireless and wired Apple CarPlay. Some have made it functional. But then an app like Spotify must remain on the screen. As soon as you switch to another app, the system freezes.

Since it is such a big problem, Apple will have to dive into this. A software update to iOS 15 on the iPhone 13 should fix this problem. The only question is how quickly the American tech giant responds.

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