Huawei has revealed a number of suspicious applications in the AppGallery

Huawei conducted an August test of its special AppGallery application store and, together with it, added ten top applications to the education section that you can try. The HuaweiCentral portal informed that at the same time as this test, the company also introduced the Child Mode, which will provide Huawei account users with a safer and more limited selection of applications.

How does Huawei deal with faulty applications?

A review of AppGallery found 494 suspicious applications. About 24% of them create pop-up ads, and others turn off when you sign up for unknown reasons. Such faulty applications are also found on other platforms, such as Google Play, so you should always be careful when selecting and using them.

The test with ten special educational apps according to the source includes translators into various languages, English language teaching, various exam preparations, grammar error corrections, listening exercises, audiobooks and many other conveniences. However, according to users, the found applications did not provide such a smooth environment and the overall experience of use.

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Huawei immediately intervened and some of the applications have already been deleted from the AppGallery. The company even notified the developers of any bugs. All knowledgeable developers have received the necessary information and bug fixes can be expected soon. If the errors are not fixed, the problematic applications will be removed from the AppGallery.

A similar problem occurred during the application test during the month of June, when 44 misleading applications were found. Another 203 apps underwent revision. The company did not disclose their names but alerted the operators of any problems.

On what principle does the regime for children work?

Child Mode or “Child Mode” provides younger users with useful applications appropriate to their age category. From now on as a Huawei account user, you can create another account for children. This will prevent them from accessing dangerous and tricky information. Child mode users can log in through different devices and tablets, but the protection still remains the same. This mode also prevents you from participating in forums, reading or adding comments.

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