How to empty the cache on an Android phone

Does an app work strangely? Or does Google Chrome keep showing the old version of a website? Then it might be useful to empty the cache. In our video of the week we show how it works.

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Video: How to Clear Cache on Android Phone

Cache: you have probably heard of it. The temporary storage ensures that smartphone apps continue to work properly and, for example, remember the settings you have chosen, such as a password. In principle, it is therefore not necessary to manually empty the cache: Android is quite smart about it.

But, sometimes it can indeed be the solution. For example, does an app work strangely and do you not know why? Or does Google Chrome continuously remember the old version of a website? Then you can try to clear the cache of that particular Android app. That way you reset an app, as it were. In the video above we show step-by-step how it works.

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