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How DC Comics is going to copy (and fail) Marvel movies

DC Comics will use the same formula of excess as Marvel with their upcoming films. But that’s an exceptionally bad idea …

Marvel dominated cinemas for years through 2019, pioneering a new format. We just call that format film, spin-off, tie-in, stand-alone abundance. More than a year and a half after Disney’s superhero empire tied it, Warner Bros. something similar to it. Something similar that will ultimately fail a lot, if we can assume the past years.

DC Comics copies Marvel movies

In an interview with DC Comics Films CEO Walter Hamada, the comic giant announced that it will use a Marvel structure for the coming years, according to NewYorkTimes (via Polygon).

They schedule six (!) Movies a year in the DC universe. Two of these will come directly to HBO Max in 2022 and four will be shown in the cinema. That HBO Max deal really only applies to next year. Now we know that the Hollywood studio will continue to bring content to the streaming service.

For DC fans this is of course a real pleasure, some slightly darker comics make completely different films than the sugary Marvel. At the same time, even DC fans have to admit that it hasn’t necessarily been a smooth ride for that publisher’s superheroes so far.

Granted, Christopher Nolan made history with the Dark Knight trilogy, Shazam! was a nice surprise and V For Vendetta has a special place in many hearts. But then for the sake of convenience we forget the ‘real’ superhero films from DC. Then let me remind you with Rotten Tomatoes score included: Suicide Squad (26%), Batman V Superman (28%), Justice League (40%) and Wonder Woman 1984 (62%).

Only the first Wonder Woman has received a solid score so far. But an exceptionally good day for DC Comics movies is a mediocre score for the average Marvel movie. Without exception, they score very well (both in the ratings and at the box office).

In short, it seems very unlikely to me that the Marvel formula is going to be a good idea for DC Comics. If even the main films in the franchise are viewed and received quite moderately, surely all the spin-offs, series and franchise bangers can’t get any good?

We’re going to see it from 2022. And then, like probably all DC Comics fans, I hope that Warner Bros. never make a mess!

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