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‘He would like to be present at my birth’

The cesspool around Adam Levine is slowly being opened: now a fifth wife accuses the Maroon 5 singer of cheating. Or, uh, well, actually a sixth wife. Because none other than our own Soundos El Ahmadi also claims to have had an affair with him.

“I have now blocked Adam,” the comedian jokes on Instagram. ‘An affair during pregnancy is quite heavy. Especially physically. I quickly get out of breath and I’ve been snoring because of my growing belly for two weeks. Which excites Adam even more. So unfortunately had to break his heart.’ she continues: ‘Adam also really wants to be present at the birth. My husband has forgiven me for the affair, but this went a step too far for him. Maybe Adam can hook up via Zoom. Let’s see what my husband thinks at that moment.’ Soundos says she is not ashamed of this ‘scandal’ – after all, the flesh is weak and ‘she is only human’.


And for those who don’t believe the story: Soundos even shared another proof on Instagram. Swipe, and you’ll find (with a big wink, of course):

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