Hackers reportedly sold over 1.5 billion user data from Facebook

He hit social networks earlier this week Facebook, WhatsApp a Instagram massive outage. Because of him, these services were almost completely offline in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania for several hours. According to the portal GizChina there have now been reports that hackers sold 1.5 billion Facebook user data on forums during the incident.

Information on the sale was provided by the Russian authority

The Russian Privacy Office said that during the global outage of Facebook, someone sold its user data on a hacking forum. The data should include the username, address, e-mail address and telephone number. According to the report, about 1.5 billion Facebook accounts were for sale.


Each one million user data was to cost the buyer $ 5,000. This means that a whole package of 1.5 billion user data would cost him about $ 7.5 million. However, the Office does not specify how much data was sold and how many were buyers.

For now, offering user data looks like a scam

Portal GizChina recalls that the veracity of the Russian office’s report cannot yet be confirmed. Although there were testimonials that some people tried to buy user data from Facebook, they said it was supposed to be a scam. Potential buyers claim that they did not receive any data after paying $ 5,000.

This suggests that hackers may not actually have the user data they claimed to have. It is not yet known whether the user data sold is related to a social network problem. However, there is a likelihood that hackers could take advantage of Facebook’s outage to add credibility to their offer.

Still a portal GizChina recommends that users take appropriate action in their accounts. This means changing your password and deleting sensitive data on Facebook.

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