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Stardew Valley is one of the games where you can switch off and relax in peace, and with its spiritual relative Graveyard Keeper, you can rest peacefully forever. Although this is not entirely accurate: you rather need to ensure that your charges rest peacefully forever.

Graveyard Keeper calls himself “the least historically accurate management simulator of a medieval cemetery.” So from the beginning you may bury nicely according to the traditions and wishes of the bereaved, but at the same time you have to be somewhat morally flexible.

The dead can’t defend themselves anymore, and some indecent treatment of human remains doesn’t have to bother you. For your cemetery to flourish, you need to plant flowers, explore ancient dungeons, complete tasks, engage in risky experiments, and solve all sorts of moral dilemmas, such as whether cannibalism, vampirism, and necromancy can be ethical. If some gold is dripping from it, why not?

In addition to gloomy macabre work, a number of other activities also await you. You will fight in the mines, collect raw materials, cut down trees, improve your workshop and the gravedigger himself, who over time will become a master of all kinds of crafts – from carpentry to alchemy.

However, the reproach must lead to the fact that progress will slow significantly in the second half of the game, you will stop gaining new skills every few minutes and it will take hours to make the best available, while the game will slip into a relatively stereotypical grind. This is not something that cannot be bitten, but a certain loss of pace can simply be observed. But if you can close your eyes to something similar, Graveyard Keeper definitely deserves a recommendation.

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