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Google unveils the best Android apps and games of 2020: check them out here

The year is coming to an end and that means that the time for overview lists has come. Google is also doing its bit and presents its list of the best Android apps and games of 2020. These are the winners.

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Google shares best Android apps of 2020

The editors of the Google Play Store have made a distinction between the best apps and games and you can find the lists in the Play Store app on your smartphone or tablet, or tap this link to view the complete overviews. These are the winners from both categories.

Best Android Apps of 2020:

  1. Medito
  2. ShareTheMeal
  3. Microsoft Office
  4. Grid Diary
  5. Whisk

Google has put a total of 33 Android apps in its year-end list. The winner is Medito, a meditation app that helps users unwind. The silver will go to ShareTheMeal, a charity app created by the United Nations that allows users to give food to charity.

The final podium place goes to the Microsoft Office bundle, which includes word processor Word and PowerPoint, an app for making presentations. Place four is occupied by the diary app Grid Diary and the top five is complemented by Whisk, which is simultaneously a cookie book, meal planner and shopping list.

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