Google Pixel Fold: the folding smartphone will be well equipped with a Samsung screen

The next Google Pixel Fold is expected to make an appearance in the coming months. Little information has filtered out other than the origin of the touch screen and the start of its production.

As with many manufacturers, the subject of folding smartphones has become more and more important over the weeks. At the beginning of the year, corroborating sources affirmed that several brands were interested in the construction of such a device. Google is one of them with a product already dubbed “Pixel Fold”. According to South Korean media The Elec, production of the phone will begin in October with touch screens supplied by Samsung.

The Google Pixel Fold is expected to adopt a 7.6-inch screen

Since the beginning of this year, Google seems to want to resume production of products. During its I / O conference, the American company said it was reworking its Android operating system. The goal would be to make its OS viable for folding devices regardless of the circumstances. For the moment, nothing has been confirmed by the American company. It is the South Korean-based media, The Elec, which claims that the production of the Pixel Fold will go through a 7.6-inch screen provided by Samsung. The folding would be similar to a Galaxy Fold for ease of use.

In order to push a little further, it would be easy to speculate on a possible teasing or even a presentation. Google regularly holds “Made by Google” conferences in October. However, another high-end device is under development: the Pixel 6. There is therefore a risk of telescoping between the two products. Other manufacturers are still expected such as Vivo or Oppo. During its big conference in March, Xiaomi unveiled its Mi Mix Fold but which is not available for the European market.

Source: The Elec

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