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Google Photos gets even more convenient with this widget

Image via Telegram group

A widget is coming that will make Google Photos even more convenient. So that you can appreciate your photos even more.

With Google Photos you can set ‘reminders’. That is a nice function that allows you to see photos from, for example, one year ago. This way you can relive your own photos again and they are not lost in the mass of photos that you now have on your smartphone.

Google Photos more convenient

The Reminders feature within the app has been around since 2019. Now Google comes with a new feature in the form of a widget. Within a Telegram group, many users have found a widget, it was not there before. All users have version on their smartphone. With this widget you place albums on your home screen. Not everyone who has the latest version of the app will see the widget. Do you have it? Then you can find it in the widget selector within the app.

You can therefore choose to place the widget on your home screen (or on another screen). The widget does of course take up some space, but you get to see your own photos before that. That is an added value. Make sure your albums are a bit up to date, seeing a photo of your ex that you’re still arguing with doesn’t have to be seen continuously. The widget has a standard 2×2 display. You can adjust the dimensions yourself.

Google is now testing the widget among users. That’s where experiences come from. The company can then decide whether to adjust the function. Or if no one uses it, cancel it altogether.

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