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Google merges Maps and Waze teams, but not apps

Google merges Maps and Waze teams, but not apps

The Google Maps and Waze teams are now one, with community GPS employees joining those of the search engine. However, the two applications do not merge, at least not for now.

“Google remains deeply committed to Waze’s unique brand, beloved app, and thriving community of volunteers and users,” a Google spokesperson told wall street journal. Waze boss Neha Parikh will step down after a transition period. Starting today, Waze’s 500-strong team joins Google’s Geo organization, responsible for Maps, Earth and Street View services.

The entire Waze team joined Google Maps, there were no layoffs with the transition. Only the boss of the community GPS will leave his functions as indicated above.

Waze and Maps have shared features since Google acquired Waze for $1.1 billion in 2013. Waze traffic data started appearing in Google Maps shortly after the acquisition, speed limits, speed camera locations and other features coming later. In return, Waze benefited from Google’s search expertise.

Waze has 151 million monthly active users, compared to one billion for Google Maps services. Still, Waze is a very popular navigation app (especially in Europe), thanks to how it works. Users can easily report traffic issues, police presence, accidents, speed cameras and more with the press of a button. Google Maps added the ability to report driving incidents in 2019, but is less community-based.

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