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Good deal: the UGREEN Nexode 65W charger at €47.59

The concern when you have several electronic devices to charge is that you sometimes have to be tricky to find an available outlet, especially when traveling. This UGREEN Nexode 65W fast charger allows you to charge 3 devices at the same time. To do this, it has 2 USB-C ports and a USB-A port. With this power, it can fill up a 14-inch Mac Book Pro or an 11-inch iPad Pro in 1h30. This UGREEN charger is more compact and less expensive than official Apple chargers for MacBook Pro while doing its job better. The first two ports therefore deliver 65 Watts, but when all three are used, the power is distributed as follows: 45W + 17W + 17W. It supports multiple fast charging protocols of PD 3.0, QC4+/ 3.0, PPS and SCP to be compatible with as many hardware as possible. You can therefore recharge computers, smartphones (Android or iOS), tablets, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch console, connected watches or AirPods at the same time maximum power for every situation.


A powerful and compact charger…

With a power of 65W and 3 devices being charged simultaneously, you might think that the device is heating up, but this is not the case. The UGREEN Nexode fast charger uses gallium nitride (GaN) technology. This is a material used more and more frequently in the composition of semiconductors in high-end chargers. His strength ? It produces much less heat. By producing less heat, the charger components can be physically closer together resulting in a compact product (66 x 40 x 31 mm). These smart chips protect your devices from short circuit, over voltage, over temperature and over current to ensure safe charging. This UGREEN fast charger is normally displayed at a price of €55.99, but it is currently available on Amazon at the price of €47.59, a great reduction of -15%. No code to type, the price is automatically taken into account. If there is no closing date for this offer, it will automatically stop when out of stock: so you won’t have to wait to take advantage of it!


The + of the UGREEN Nexode 65W:

  • Charge up to 3 devices at the same time
  • A powerful 65 W charger
  • Compact and light…

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