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Playing God has its unmistakable spell. At the same time, this discipline can take many different forms, for example in Reus you have transformed the surface and climate of the entire planet using the elements. Her Abbey Games creators do not intend to leave this specific genre, which is proof of the forthcoming Godhood strategy. Its center will be your religion, which you will expand with the aid of (bloody) rituals.

As in any other divine game, you do not have direct control over your sheep. With the divine hand, you just struggle to make a tribute to the tiny crumbs, but otherwise you just shake hands over each of their prayers. A mass of worshipers takes care of your existence, while heroic disciples help you with the spread of yours and your faith.


Every disciple is important to you. It belongs to a class, reaches a certain level, forms its qualities and abilities. The last named comes directly from you and uses them to convert members of other tribes who profess a competing religion.

The conversion takes place in the arena where three and three disobedient disciples meet. This is a turn-based duel you can not reach. At the beginning, you just choose the type of ability your supporters prefer (attack, defense, and more).

You can, for example, focus one character on the battle and the other two on her defense. But the fight may not only involve violence. You can intimidate or persuade the opponent in wise words. After all, it’s your religion, you choose your way of getting new followers until Godhood comes out this year.

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