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Foxconn: Worker riots violently suppressed in Zhengzhou factory

Foxconn: Worker riots violently suppressed in Zhengzhou factory

The situation is more than ever out of control in the factory foxconn of Zhengzhouwhich is also the main manufacturing plant foriPhone. Faced for several weeks with extremely harsh containment measures (canteen closed for example), but also with unpaid wages (despite the announcement of bonuses… not paid them too), many workers ended up revolting following the emergence of a new focus of covid inside the site.

To make matters worse, conspiratorial rumors have inflamed the situation, with many protesters suspecting the Chinese military of using the Zhengzhou factory to conduct a secret COVID experiment under real conditions, the supposed objective being to count the deaths of COVID. in an enclosed place. Workers’ fears about COVID are not new: from the start of the factory’s lockdown, Foxconn employees claimed that the sanitary conditions inside the site were largely insufficient.

As for the promised bonuses, several workers report that Foxconn has changed the terms of its contract so that the conditions required for their payment cannot be met. Suffice to say that the tensions on iPhone orders are not ready to subside.

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