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Finally a bigger revolution in batteries? Huawei patented articles with graphene

How many times have you read visionary articles that the world of mobile and electronics in general will see revolutionary batteries that puts the current lithium solution in your pocket? Yes, a lot of them came out in our country as well. And still nothing much is happening. Very high hopes are placed in the solution with graphene. It has also been associated with some specific companies and mobile phones. We can currently stare at the Chinese company Huawei, which registered its own patent for graphene batteries.


It should be noted that the registered documents continue to provide lithium as the main element. Graphene should be used in small amounts (0.1 to 10%) as a conductive material, however, thanks to this, the batteries should show much better properties. After fifty complete charging cycles, the patented cells should have a capacity sustainability of over 90% and a discharge efficiency of up to 98%. The currently used combination of lithium and silicon layers suffers from disintegration and deformation, which of course affects the service life of the cells. Huawei’s patent for partially graphene batteries counts with using this element in combination with a special type of glue (binder). This is to ensure more effective contact between the layers and at the same time to be more conductive.

Huawei patent graphene battery scheme1) silicon particles 2) graphene 3) bonding layer

So the Chinese company is introducing graphene in small steps, but it is a good sign. Maybe more and more will be added soon the share of this element will not only increase in mobile batteries. Batteries using the maximum amount of graphene could be charged faster at lower power. The service life of the cells can be three to five times.

When will we see a complete graphene battery?

Source: hcentral

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