Fairphone 3 and 3+ will be provided with Android 13 update

Fairphone 3 and 3+ will be provided with Android 13 update

Fairphone is now releasing the Android 13 update on Fairphone 3 and 3+. While the beta for Android 14 is already in full swing, the sustainable phones of the Dutch brand are equipped with the thirteenth variant of Android. It is still a beta of Android 13 and the rollout starts today, with the end of June as the end date for the update for all 3 and 3+ phones of the brand.

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Maybe your Fairphone 3 or Fairphone 3+ is still running on Android 11: no problem, it can then simply move on to Android 13. Fairphone says: “This update to Android 13 is an example of Fairphone’s ambition to keep the devices software-free for as long as possible. provide support.” A lot has changed at the company, because the chipset supplier no longer supports the device, so that Fairphone is now responsible for updating its 3 devices. Fairphone 2 made the same hop, but from Android 7 to Android 9.

Agnes Crepet, Head of Software Longevity at Fairphone, said: “By providing Android updates for our older models, we are going against industry standards and want to make sure that Fairphone 3 owners can use their phones for longer. As we always say, the most sustainable phone is the one you already own!”

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support as long as possible

In itself, the Fairphone 3 has indeed been out for a while: the device appeared in 2019 with Android 9 on it. The plus variant was then released in 2020. Android 12 will probably not be the last OS update: both devices will be supported until August 2024. Maybe even a little longer, because Fairphone itself would rather support until 2026. That would be great: it has never happened before that a device within the Android ecosystem had such a long update life.

It also fits in well with what Fairphone stands for: sustainability. And supporting it until 2026 would be a good example for other manufacturers. Or at least a fairly clear way to indicate that those few years that some manufacturers now support are really out of date.

Do you have a Fairphone 3, has the update already arrived? Let us know now in the comments.

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