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Facebook adds dark theme to Android app: that’s how you use it

After more and more apps have been given a dark theme in recent months and years, this is now also available for the Facebook app. You can now use dark mode in Facebook’s Android app.

Facebook app with dark theme

Good news for those who have been anxiously waiting for a dark theme for the Facebook app. The application now gives users the option to set a dark theme. You don’t have to do much for this. DroidApp reader Jan has tipped us off about the existence of the new feature. It seems that the feature is slowly but surely rolling out to everyone.

The dark theme makes the application easier to read in low-light environments, such as when you are still in bed. You can set the dark theme easily. To do this, go to the three lines in the Facebook app at the top right of the screen. Here you can scroll down, after which you will encounter the block ‘Dark mode’. Then you will find three options there. You can switch the function on and off, but you can also choose to have the system setting adopted. The theme of the Facebook app is automatically adjusted to the theme setting on your smartphone.

Facebook dark theme

The feature will be rolled out from now on. It seems that it will be available to everyone. In any case, the automatic theme setting is only available on devices with Android 10 and above.


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