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We say goodbye to the working week in style. A huge load of news, which also humiliated Wednesday’s summary. Before you see all this, it will be Monday again and we will be back with more materials. And if, by chance, someone managed to do it sooner, they can also read articles on the web at the weekend, or recall some archive video.

List of topics

01:01 – Spencer: Bethesda’s acquisition is about great exclusive titles. We will deliver the games to platforms that support Game Pass, the Xbox boss said in yesterday’s video

10:35 – In a “new” adventure, Mozart and I will go to Prague. We will compose, conduct an orchestra, but above all solve murders in an effort to uncover the conspiracy

18:26 – Someone from EA was supposed to sell rare cards to FUT for thousands of euros. The accusation goes directly to the FIFY developers. EA has already responded to the evidence from the private conversation

24:43 – Alkimia Interactive is working on a Gothic remake. The new Barcelona team has 35 people so far and is still hiring more developers. He’ll show something in a few months

28:49 – Ninja Turtles returns in a new game by the authors of Streets of Rage 4. Beloved Turtles will once again face Ranger in a title following on from the 30-year-old classic for the NES

32:46 – Square Enix will show the sequel Life is Strange next week. Tomb Raider will also appear in the digital show. The company will probably release a collection of games with Lara Croft

36:42 – Roblox goes public, EA equalizes with market value. After months of preparation comes the game sensation. The total valuation of the company is 990 billion crowns

41:49 – Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness attracts cast and story. Resident Evil 2 remake dabblers will repeat their roles. Definitely do not click on the invitations to the beta Resident Evil Village

45:19 – Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture announces a new game. The Magnificient Trufflepigs is a romantic drama with a metal detector. Reminiscent of Firewatch

50:38 – In Immortals Fenyx Rising we will soon go to China. At the end of March, a new country, a new hero, new tasks and new monsters will arrive. Beyond and Steel Sky from the author of Broken Sword aim at the console

56:07 – Developers will also be able to use Denuvo on PS5. This is not copy protection, but anti-cheat. It is already said that console games use it

1:00:40 – In the new Czech platformer, you have to overcome the challenges blindly. With the title A Knight Never Yields, sounds and unique music and rhythm will guide you safely

1:03:45 – Blizzard is apparently working on an AAA first person shooter. New ads depict the game in enthusiastic superlatives. It should come out on computers and consoles

1:07:37 – The canceled game for Game Boy Color will be completed after 20 years. Thanks to the fans, the lost title will return from the grave and a boxed version will be available

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