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Denmark is building the largest vertical agriculture in Europe

At this point I will tell you some days about futuristic concepts that might one day become reality. If we were to turn back time 10 years, some of the projects that have now been implemented would also appear visionary and futuristic. One of them is a rather unusual farm that will open in Denmark next year.

It’s not just about a small project, it’s about the largest vertical farm in Europe. It is being built in an area called Taastrup, not far from Copenhagen. On a total of 7,000 square meters, plants are grown on 14 floors and illuminated by over 20,000 LED lights.

Vegetables will soon come from a fully automated farm (Image: ZDF)

The first phase of the construction project was completed last week. Should the farm one day go into operation, it will also be operated fairly sustainably. Every kilogram of food produced requires just one liter of water. That is 250 times less than in conventional agriculture. Responsible is a nutrient-rich liquid that the roots are immersed in.

The vertical farm is also operated digitally. Robots sow the seeds and sensors and intelligent algorithms ensure optimal conditions. To ensure that sustainability does not fall by the wayside, a large part of the electricity is generated from wind turbines.

What does the farm of the future look like? Maybe on the water?

Not everything can currently grow in vertical farms. It will start with vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and cabbage, the quality is the same as on other farms. The growth only happens a little faster, 15 times a year should be harvested and 1,000 tons of food will be produced in this way.

Vertical farms can be a real sustainable alternative in many places. The smaller space requirement in particular is a real benefit and in the future, seasonal food may also be grown and delivered in summer or winter. The project in Denmark aims to at least reach full capacity by the end of 2021.

via Singularity Hub

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