Decorative, LED strip and retro light bulbs

The smart electronics of the LivarnoLux or SilverCrest brands from the LIDL retail chain are in full swing. This can be seen not only from the interest of readers in the articles in which we mention these products, but also from interest groups on social networks. If in our magazine in general area of ​​smart home elements you’re watching at least a little bit, you probably haven’t missed an earlier review on the LIDL Home app, the central Zigbee gateway, RGB bulbs, and the remote control. At the moment, you are reading the second part, in which I will judge decorative light “Mood Light”, smart two-meter RGB LED strip and LED bulbs with filament, which represent design retro, but also do not belong among the stupid ones.

Recapitulation of the functionality of LIDL smart home elements

If you have not yet read an older review, which focused on the basic elements of the entire smart home under the LIDL brand, it is good to clarify and recall a few basic conditions for the proper functioning of these elements. The first important necessity is the Zigbee Gateway, which has all the other components of a smart home system connects and sends them instructions entered in the mobile application. This is the second thing you basically can’t do without if you want to awaken the required cleverness in the elements.

So before you start buying the following products, you have to reckon with these basics. It will also be good to repeat that LivarnoLux lighting products will communicate with Google Assistant and thanks to the standard Zigbee they can also be included in wider open systems such as Home Assistant. The last review also asked if these LIDL elements could be connected between Philips Hue devices through their own gateway. I haven’t had a chance to check it out personally, but based on discussions on reddit and other forums, it seems that Zigbee is doing well.

Decorative light Mood Light

So far, definitely the most interesting product from the whole LIDL package that I have for testing. As the name suggests, this is light that should be capable of evoke an atmosphere. Which he manages perfectly, although in some situations he is not quite good with his performance. It is a glossy white block with one primary lighting surface, a button and a connector for connecting the power cable. However, thanks to the battery, the light is not fully dependent on the connection to the socket, which is great.

lidl scooter

A cheap electric scooter appeared on the Lidl e-shop. What do you say to her?


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I usually use this light in my small home studio to improve the visual conditions in front of the camera, we had it a few times on the back of the couch while watching a movie and it is also suitable as night light to the children’s room. There are a lot of possible uses and thanks to the control functions that Mood Light shares with RGB bulbs, for example, it is possible to set not only automation in relation to the whole system, but also to set the resulting light in quite detail.

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