Clubhouse is now opening its doors to everyone

Faster than expected: at the end of the trial phase, the social audio platform is now open to all interested parties. The invitation system and the waiting list no longer exist. New logo, new face, new version.

Clubhouse takes an important step for the platform and opens a new chapter in its history. The previous invitation system and waiting list are a thing of the past – everyone can now join the community. The opening had been announced a few weeks ago, but now came faster than expected. The new Clubhouse version is now available for iOS and Android.

According to the Clubhouse, anyone who has their own club can now share the link without restriction. Everyone can invite any guests, public events are freely accessible to everyone. Clubhouse wants to be “a community for everyone”. “From the beginning, the aim of the platform was to open up to everyone and to give everyone access to Clubhouse in order to meet people outside of their social environment, to share different views and life experiences and to change their view of the world,” said the Clubhouse founders Rohan Seth and Paul Davison. The previous invitation system served as a mechanism in the initial and test phase of the app to prevent the number of participants from growing too quickly and the resulting crashes.

The clubhouse, a small business, has become a real start-up over the course of the year. Clubhouse has seen strong growth since the beginning of this year. The clubhouse team has been expanded from eight to 58 people. The number of daily rooms has increased from 5,000 to half a million. Since the introduction of the Android version in mid-May, the community has grown by ten million people. The number of communities and clubs around the world continues to grow every day.

Almost finished!

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New logo, new face

With a new logo and a own website Clubhouse starts the next phase of its history. The new face of the platform is hip-hop manager Justin “Meezy” Williams, who now represents the clubhouse community as an app icon. The founder and CEO of Meezy Ent LLC, manager of Grammy-winning artists, is known for his success in the music industry and his social commitment: Meezy organizes Thanksgiving and Christmas events for people in need and is currently busy with a back-to-back School program that provides thousands of students with free school supplies, laptops and masks.

Now the Clubhouse app icon: Justin “Meezy” Williams Photo: Clubhouse

Like its predecessors: Inside Dandara, Drue and other former app icons use Meezy Clubhouse to get in touch with other people. Whether talking about the NBA or talking about a good cause, Meezy has always shown himself to be an open, warm-hearted and passionate member of the clubhouse community.

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