Chromecast got Apple TV. A giant library of movies finally for everyone

The Apple TV app comes to the new Chromecast with Google TV and brings with it a huge library of movies. Formerly unthinkable is now becoming a reality, so Apple’s extensive library of movies will now be available to users who prefer the Google platform. How much does it cost to rent a movie and who is entitled to a free Apple TV + subscription?

If you have a new Chromecast with Google TV, you can now download the Apple TV app. The easiest way to do this is directly in the Play Store on the web, where you just select your device. Alternatively, you can also search for Apple TV directly on your Chromecast. The application has also been available for Sony TVs with Android TV since the autumn. Hopefully, the rest of your Android TV device will be worth seeing.

Apple built its extensive library of video content long before Apple TV was established, as the iTunes Store. This is how you will find most of the content localized with Czech subtitles. The film can be borrowed from a decent one 59Kč. You can also try a subscription Apple TV+ free for one week. If you own an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you may also be eligible for an annual free Apple TV + membership. That is possible share with up to five other people in the “family”, so all you really need to do is find someone with a new Apple device nearby who will be willing to share.

What do you say to choosing movies on Apple TV?

Source: 9to5google

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