Chrome has a new feature that saves you time while browsing the web. How?

Google Chrome developers have been bringing one useful feature after another lately. The latest tweak is called “Page Preview” and will help you avoid various smart people who lure you to something that isn’t even on their site. How does the new Chrome for Android page preview work?

Do you know the feeling when you click on a link that pretends to contain exactly what you’re looking for, but it was just bait? Thanks to the function Page preview in the new version of Chrome, you can now check the contents of the link before opening the page. When you hold your finger on the link, the classic context menu will appear and between the items “Open in incognito window” and copy the link address “you will now find a new item”Preview page“.

It works exactly as simple as it sounds. A page preview window appears from the bottom of the screenwhere the link leads. The preview window does not occupy the entire display and can be closed immediately by simply pulling it down. At the top of the preview window, there is an icon used to fully open the site.

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