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Bitcoin: this paradox that can cost you dearly!

Bitcoin: this paradox that can cost you dearly!

A Bitcoin that stabilizes around 30K, an Ethereum at more than $2,000: it’s a party, isn’t it? It must be said that the tumble of 2021 has cooled the markets. When Bitcoin fell to $15,000 in January 2023, many investors were speculating an even steeper fall, but rampant inflation may have given some players pause. Bitcoin does not depend on any central bank and “makes its own life” without external intervention. A kind of “gold 2.0”, but with a limited quantity.

Those waiting for Bitcoin at $10,000 can still wait

In the case of a drop of this magnitude, you should not be too greedy and invest to enter the market even if it means missing out on the best possible price. Many people who missed the train at 15,000 were waiting to buy at 10,000 and when it hovered around 18,000 for several weeks, new investors considered the train over.


Now that BTC is at 30K, it is unlikely to go down to 10K in this cycle. But we must not forget that the crypto peaked at $64,000 in November 2021 and that this leaves an already interesting room for improvement.

“And this Bitcoin at 10K, is it in the room with us right now? »

When the BTC is high, it is envy, but…

But don’t think the exact opposite either. Because when BTC is on the rise, the media talks about it a lot and many people want to make a fortune by buying precious token crumbs. How many people bought Bitcoin at the end of 2021 when the rate was historically high?

A lot !

Admittedly, it’s always interesting to find yourself an investor even if it means virtually losing money (as long as you don’t sell, you don’t lose anything), but it’s still better to buy when the price is low. It’s logical, but it’s the paradox of Bitcoin: when it’s high, it interests a lot of people and sells very well while when it’s low, it is denigrated.

To put the reality of the market into perspective, here is a little reminder of the price of Bitcoin each year in mid-April:

  • April 2010: $0.003
  • April 2011: $0.93
  • April 2012: $4.93
  • April 2013: $92.50
  • April 2014: $503.01
  • April 2015: $244.44
  • April 2016: $417.19
  • April 2017: $1,166.44
  • April 2018: $7,062.87
  • April 2019: $5,265.70
  • April 2020: $6,880.23
  • April 2021: $58,160.99
  • April 2022: $40,477.78
  • April 2023: $30,252.56

Impressive, right?

When it is high Bitcoin is desirable, but when it is affordable, it is considered badly…

Don’t miss the Bitcoin train of 2023!

Do you want to join the dance and buy Bitcoin? Coinhouse is a French platform where you can get crypto immediately without special knowledge. The interface is clear, in French and the site offers to see market developments at a glance. And there is even an application to have information about yourself at all times. You are of course not required to buy 1 BTC in full since a token is divisible up to eight decimal places. You can leave your investments on the platform, but we still advise you to secure all that with a Ledger key, especially if you have a nice sum…

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