Before or After – History Quiz

The filing of the corkscrew patent, before or after the marketing of the first insulated bottle?
The invention of the violin, before or after the invention of the croissant in 1863?

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

With “Before or After”, you will have the opportunity to answer thousands of questions by confronting your general knowledge and / or intuition with historical reality. Will you succeed in stringing together the correct answers and increasing your score considerably? Be careful though, a wrong answer will force you to start over!

“Before or After” allows you to learn, develop your knowledge, and perhaps climb to the top of the ranking. All this while having fun.

Characteristics :
– Many themes available: Exploration, Art, Events, Inventions, Monuments, Sports, …
– Playable offline.
– Infinite lifespan with over 180,000 questions.
– Integration of Google Play Games, for an online ranking.

“Before or After” was developed with ❤ in France, by an independent developer. You can encourage it by choosing not to have the display of a small advertising banner anymore thanks to a purchase option integrated in the application.

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