Beautiful action RPG becomes a top seller

With Tales of Arise, Bandai Namco will soon be releasing a new action RPG that should appeal to anime fans in particular. The game is currently climbing the top sellers on Steam.

Tales of Arise: Not yet published, but often bought

the Bandai Namco’s “Tales of” saga turns 25 and now the studio’s latest work is in the starting blocks.

In Tales of Arise you immerse yourself in the story of a world made up of Rena, the star who has ruled the planet Dahna with an iron fist for 300 years. The Rena have robbed Dahna of its natural resources and in return enslaved most of the planet’s population.

This story follows that Fight for the liberation of the Dahneans of her fate and is seen through the eyes of Alphen, a masked Dahnäer who fights for the liberation of his people, and Shionne, a girl from Rena who is on the run from her compatriots. On their journey, they are accompanied by various characters such as Rinwell and Law, who help them in their struggle for freedom.

Take a first look at the game trailer:

So you can expect different characters, an intuitive combat system, a compelling story as well exciting features like fishing and cooking. That sounds so good that the game is already among the top 10 Steam top sellers.

When does the action RPG come out?

Tales of Arise is a JPRG in which you have to face many battles in order to survive and complete your quests and missions. That sounds exciting? Then you can throw yourself into this adventure from September 10, 2021. Pre-orderers receive numerous bonuses such as exclusive wings and cooking recipes.

Tales of Arise is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

Via Amazon you have the game at home in time for the release:

Tales of Arise [PlayStation 4]

(Source: Steam)

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