Apple wants to put its own electric car on the road sooner rather than later. The price should be a little cheaper than planned, but potential customers have to say goodbye to an important feature – the current state of affairs.


At Bloomberg, Apple insider Mark Gurman once again knows a little more and shares the updated one with us state of knowledge about the future electric car from Apple. The iPhone manufacturer has been working on this quietly and in secret for many years (source: Bloomberg).

Apple’s electric car: Release, price and features are becoming more specific

The Apple project has already experienced numerous ups and downs and is now becoming more and more concrete. Three new findings have now been leaked:

  • Release 2026: Originally, a presentation of the Apple Car for 2025 was under discussion. The appointment can no longer be kept and there is a delay. Apple will be ready by 2026 at the earliest. So if you want to buy a car from Apple, you’ll still have to look at alternatives in the years to come and still can’t strike and buy.

Tesla is also struggling with delays. This great vehicle was originally presented in 2019 and is still not available today:

  • Price point under $100,000: Apple actually planned research and set the price of the electric car quite high, the target was a value of less than 120,000 US dollars – too high. According to the latest report, Apple is now planning an electric car priced under $100,000. Still in the premium segment, but a bit cheaper. This threatens a price war with the industry leader Tesla. Its premium Model S starts in the USA at over 100,000 US dollars – specifically: 104,990 US dollars. Apple’s car should probably play in the same class and is then even cheaper.
  • Farewell to autonomous driving: Apple’s goal was probably too ambitious and is now subject to feasibility. This means: A completely autonomous electric car, in which the passengers could sit opposite each other in a limousine-like cabin without a steering wheel and pedals, will not exist for the time being. This project has been shelved by Apple. Instead, the model now planned should be much more conservative – the steering wheel, pedals and a normal seating arrangement are therefore considered safe. After all, Apple’s car should also be allowed to drive alone on the freeway. Ergo: Apple will not be able to offer more than what a Tesla can already offer.

So far, the Apple Car is only available as a concept:

In the end, Apple only boils with water

Our assessment: Apple’s electric car will probably be in the end “more normal” than expected, even the iPhone manufacturer can’t do magic. After all, the price then falls. Almost atypical for Apple, but also necessary in view of the reduced features in autonomous driving. Why should customers in 2026 pay more for a car that can do less than a 2022 Tesla?