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Apple is currently testing iOS 16.6

Apple is currently testing iOS 16.6

Apple is not abandoning iOS 16 yet. Indeed, the company is starting to test iOS 16.6 with its employees. There is currently no information about upcoming news.

Several devices running iOS 16.6 have been spotted in the logs of MacRumors. This in itself is not a surprise, Apple employees are testing with the versions under development and this is what is happening today with the new update.

We are currently at iOS 16.4.1. This update has been available since April 7. She didn’t add anything new, but fixed two bugs. The first is related to emojis and the second touches Siri. The update was also an opportunity to plug security holes exploited by hackers.

There’s also iOS 16.5, but that version is currently in the hands of developers and public testers. Again, the update is light since it adds the ability to do screen recording with Siri and a sports tab in the Apple News app.

So now iOS 16.6 is in the works. It makes you wonder if this version will bring any novelty (besides bug fixes), given that Apple will announce iOS 17 in June during WWDC 2023. We suspect that Apple will focus on this version, rather than a (potential) ultimate iOS 16 update.

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