‘Apple develops new podcast subscription service’

Apple is developing a new podcast subscription service, the insiders said The Information and Bloomberg. It may be a paid service with exclusive podcasts from well-known creators.

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‘Apple is developing a paid podcast service’

Apple has been active in the distribution of podcasts for years, but never before made a large investment. This now seems to be changing. With the possible development of a paid podcast service, the company is introducing a subscription form for the (currently free) Podscasts app.

With the advent of a paid podcast service, Apple hopes to lure well-known creators to the platform in exchange for better financial compensation than other platforms. This makes Apple compete with Spotify, SiriusXM and Amazon, among others.

According to rumors from both The Information and Bloomberg, the renewed subscription service will be accompanied by exclusive content for its own Podcasts app. The company also plans to source original podcasts and create audio spin-offs from existing movies and shows on Apple TV Plus.

Apple is competing with Spotify

Competition among podcast providers has grown in recent years. The result is that some shows can now only be found at certain providers or behind a paywall. For example, Spotify has acquired a number of major podcast makers and acquired the exclusive rights to the popular The Joe Rogan Experience.

Apple podcast subscription service

Apple did not lag behind either and bought the popular podcast app Scout FM in September 2020. Then the suspicions arose of developments in the Podcasts app to compete with Spotify.

More about Apple’s Podcasts app

Do you want to know more about Apple’s own Podcasts app? On iPhoned we regularly share useful tips. For example, we explain how to listen to and download podcasts on your Apple Watch, or how to listen to podcasts via your browser. We also explain how the Podcasts app works on your Mac.

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