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Aldi makes stupid televisions smart

Aldi makes stupid televisions smart

Anyone who owns an older television knows the problem: although the television still works perfectly, there are no streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime. Exactly for this, Aldi now offers the right solution for 17.99 euros. An expensive new device is thus superfluous. Sales will start at the beginning of February.

In these expensive times, every new purchase is questioned twice. This applies above all to high-priced electronics such as televisions, which can easily break through the 1,000 euro mark. Anyone who still has a working device at home but does not have access to popular streaming services such as Netflix or Disney+ will soon be able to access Aldi Nord.

Aldi Nord sells streaming player Roku SE for 17.99 euros

Roku SE Streaming Player (Image Source: Roku)

From February 2, 2023, the discounter will be offering the Roku SE for 17.99 euros on. This is one streaming playerwhich connects to the TV set via HDMI connection and so the Access to all relevant streaming servicesmedia libraries and other offers.

These include Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, but also AppleTV+, the media libraries of many public broadcasters, BildTV and many more services. Convenient: The Roku SE remote comes with four buttons for quick access to Netflix, Disney+, AppleTV, and Spotify. This makes accessing the streaming services child’s play. All other services can be controlled via the menu button.

If you don’t want to use the Roku remote control, you can alternatively use the Roku app and the Use the streaming player with your own smartphone. The Roku app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones:


HDMI cable and power adapter included

The scope of delivery of the Roku SE includes a power supply unit and HDMI cable in addition to the remote control. So buyers can immediately connect the streaming player to the television. The Roku SE will be available from Aldi Nord from February 2, 2023. Alternatively, there is the Fire TV Stick on Amazon, for example, which currently costs more than 10 euros more (see Amazon).

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