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4 coolest gadgets of tomorrow that you can order now (week 24)

The biggest technological innovations don’t come from ‘big tech’ companies, but from smaller start-ups chasing their dreams. Thanks to crowdfunding sites, you will be the first to get your hands on the best new products. We select four cool gadgets: from a modular game console with Android to a handy lunch box that can cool or heat.

The four coolest gadgets

Not everyone is already familiar with the principle of crowdfunding, and that is normal. It’s still a relatively new concept, but one that can help creative people make a difference. You first support a great idea for a product, and then you can follow the progress until the package arrives at your door. These are the four coolest gadgets on crowdfunding websites.

1. SunnySide – bread box heats and cools with solar energy
For who is it?

For those who regularly bring food to work that needs to be cooled or heated

What is it?

With the SunnySide you can take a tasty soup with you that you heat up before you eat it. This heating can be done in a few minutes and the SunnySide reaches a temperature of up to 75 degrees. You set the desired temperature with the accompanying app. You can warm up seven times with this lunch box and afterwards it has to be connected to the USB-C charger. Although it also has solar panels with which it can charge itself.

The SunnySide can also hold a salad cake, for example, for a maximum of 20 hours. And if your phone has an empty battery, it can also help you out as a power bank. The device has a 10,000 mAh battery.

  • SunnySide- Kickstarter – 73 euros incl. shipping – expected in October 2022

Introduction video of the SunnySide

2. GPD XP Plus – Modular Game Console with Android
For who is it?

For those who want to take gaming on their phone to the next level

What is it?

More and more quality mobile games are coming out and we are also seeing more well-known game series appearing in the Play Store. The GPD XP Plus is a gaming handheld that runs on Android 11. It has a strong focus on mobile games, but it can also serve as an emulator for PlayStation 2, Wii and arcade games, among others. It also comes with three different controller modules that you can attach magnetically to the housing.

The GPD XP Plus has a 6.81 inch Full HD LCD panel and it works with a powerful 3.0 GHz MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset. That is the chipset we know from the excellent OnePlus Nord 2. There is also 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage and you can expand the storage via microSD. The makers have also equipped the handheld with a fan and it can continue for 12 hours on one battery charge with its huge 7,000 mAh battery.

  • GPD XP Plus – IndieGoGo – 599 euros incl. shipping – expected in August 2022

The GDP XP Plus tested in a review

3. Philips Screeneo U4 – very close range projector
For who is it?

For those who want to project anywhere in an easy way

What is it?

Philips releases a handy projector with the Screeneo U4. This device only needs to be 30.5 centimeters from the wall to work and yet it can project a large image up to 80 inches. The Screeneo U4 projects in Full HD and also supports HDR10 content from streaming services. It automatically optimizes the image to the environment and it is also very compact and works plug & play.

  • Philips Screeneo U4 – IndieGoGo – 402 euros incl. shipping – expected in August 2022

Introduction video of the Philips Screeneo U4

4. Smart C – Portable Trackball Mouse
For who is it?

For those who regularly give presentations

What is it?

A wireless mouse that works with PC, Android and iOS. You can move the cursor with the trackball and it has a left and right mouse button. There is also a separate scroll wheel. The device connects to your devices via bluetooth and it should be very useful during performance. In addition, you can operate your tablet, telephone or smart television remotely.

  • Smart C – Kickstarter – 49 euros incl. shipping – expected in October 2022

Introduction video of the Smart C

Think of this with crowdfunding

Keep in mind that with crowdfunding you always support an idea in the first place, with no real guarantee that the actual product will meet your expectations. So choose the projects and start-ups that you really believe in and follow the regular updates on development and shipping that the start-ups communicate. Supporting projects through crowdfunding is therefore not the same as shopping.

What do you think of the above products? Have you ever ordered products through crowdfunding? Did that lead to positive experiences or were there also disappointments? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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