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Traditions should be followed, which is why we have prepared a series of articles and videos for you this year, in which we will deal with the most anticipated games of the new year. We’ve launched a new generation of consoles, further boosting developers’ interest in finally shining a title that couldn’t work on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. If this will happen this year, but it is not yet possible to say with certainty, given that the vast majority of games do not yet have a fixed release date. But we will get to such ones in our series as well, and we will definitely mention them, but now let’s give space to the first seven games, which already have their place on the calendar, and we can look forward to them during January and February.

Hitman 3, January 20

Developers from the Danish studio IO Interactive will release a sequel to the Hitman series on January 20. The brand will celebrate its 20th birthday this year, and this time Agent 47 will travel to Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin or Chongqing. The novelty will be linked in content with the previous two parts and will offer VR support. The game, on the other hand, gets rid of multiplayer. The new part should be darker, more serious and more mature. It is supposed to be the culmination of the current trilogy, which can put an end to this series for some time. The title is powered by the Glacier engine and its authors promise even more freedom, choice and replayability than before. Hitman 3 is quite mysterious given how close it is. Popular stealth events will arrive on the PC as well as new and old consoles, including the Switch. Agent 47 will return to the platform from Nintendo after a long 19 years.

Stronghold: Warlords, January 26

The end of January will belong to the developers from the Firefly studio and the Stronghold strategic series, which will see its full continuation after seven long years. But a lot has changed since the release of Stronghold Crusader II, and the upcoming Warlords will move us from Europe to East Asia. So we will deal with Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Mongolian armies, not only on the open battlefield, but of course also during the conquest of typical fortresses and castles. The subtitle Warlords then points to legendary warriors who will be able to get together and gain control over the game, including gradually unlocking their new abilities and combat and defense capabilities. However, the development of the game is dragging on considerably, and the developers have recently entered the graphics processing quite sharply, which until then did not give a very realistic impression. However, the great departure from the original concept, including the involvement of firearms and a lot of non-traditional units in general, raises considerable concerns among players, and we are also extremely curious about how it will all turn out. If you are interested in more information, we streamed the game last April and also brought immediate impressions from the preview version available at that time.

The Medium, 28. ledna

Authors Layers of Fear, Observer or Blair Witch from the Polish studio Bloober Team will send a new psychological horror film The Medium to the market on January 28. The title for PC and Xbox Series is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and developers have been waiting for years for its implementation, including dual reality. Bloober gave up first person cameras in favor of a 3rd person perspective and was openly inspired by classic survival horror movies such as Japan’s Silent Hill. His court composer of the Akira Jamaoka series is also involved in the soundtrack. The main heroine of the story is the medium of Marianne, who will solve puzzles in the real and spiritual world with the help of the player. The game was first talked about in 2012, but as already mentioned, according to the authors, the technology was not yet ready to realize their vision.

Outriders, February 2

The first interesting game to be released in February this year is a futuristic 3rd person shooter with RPG Outriders elements from Polish developers from People Can Fly. It was the presence of these veterans, who have titles such as Painkiller, Bulletstorm or Gears of War: Judgment, that fascinated us at a time when Outriders were talked about only in hints, and it seems that a slight optimism was in place. The game was satisfactorily formed during 2020, even though there was not such a stir around it as in the biggest games, we are still looking forward to the premise and the opportunity to play in cooperation with up to three players. Outriders promise intense action on the unexplored planet Enoch, a dark story with a number of unexpected outcomes and, of course, food for RPG-positive players who want to get used to the characters properly. After choosing one of the four unique character classes, it will be necessary to improve the hero, as well as his weapons and equipment. Outriders also boast impressive graphics provided by Unreal Engine 4.

Lust from Beyond, 11. února

The Polish studio Movie Games Lunarium will release the erotic horror film Lust from Beyond on February 11th. In a haunting game with elements of occultism, nudity, riddles and action, we head to a mysterious Victorian mansion. The mysterious cult of lust seeks to open the gate to a world of ecstasy called Lusst’ghaa, which is beyond our reality. The authors promise varied gameplay and advanced technical processing. The aesthetic side was inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger and Beksiński. Lust from Beyond is currently only aimed at the PC, but the developers have already expressed interest in getting it on the console in the future as the previous Lust for Darkness, which is set in the same world.

Little Nightmares 2, February 11

In 2017, the small Swedish studio Tarsier released the great horror affair Little Nightmares, which very pleasantly combined elements of adventure, platform games and logic games in general. We are therefore extremely happy that the main heroine Six is ​​finally coming back and this time she will not be alone. Although we don’t know if the second episode takes place before or after the events of the original game, Six meets a little boy named Mono, grabs his hand and is his companion on his journey through the dark corners of the declining metropolis of Pale City. If you played the first part, you know very well that the locals will definitely not be among the best, which is exacerbated by the widespread dependence on television caused by the broadcast of the mysterious Thin Man. It is after him that Six and Mono will search in new locations, where a set of hitherto unseen enemies and a lot of puzzles awaits them.

Riders Republic, February 25

The authors of Steep from the Ubisoft Annecy studio return on February 25 with another adrenaline sports game Riders Republic. We can look forward to mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and wingsuits. Primarily a multiplayer game for dozens of participants, it will take us to the open world, which is a mixture of different American national parks, and we can also look forward to licensed existing events. Because extreme sports are involved, style will play as important a role here as performance itself. The title has been in development since 2017. In addition to the team in Annecy, other Ubisoft studios around the world also take part in it. It is not a simulation, the game should be as accessible as possible, nevertheless the authors work with experts and athletes so that the individual disciplines are authentic at first glance. The developers believe that it will be a board game.

We have the first seven titles from the beginning of this year behind us, which we should really look forward to in the given dates. In the next video, the second, say, confirmed seven is waiting for you, and then they get the word of the game, which should be released in 2021, but we are still waiting for the confirmation of the exact date. There are some really hot irons among them, so stay with us and still calmly join the discussion, which game is the most interesting for you earlier this year.

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