Gone Home: a great adventure game – but short – on iOS (App Store release)

We were talking about it a few days ago; the excellent Gone Home of the studio Annapurna Interactive ( Link App Store – 5.49 euros – iPhone / iPad) has just landed on the App Store. Closer to walking simulator than classic point’n click this atmospheric track puts the player in the shoes of a young woman who returns home and realizes that his family has disappeared; what happened? It is of course by searching every nook and cranny of the family home that the player will be able to trace the thread of the strange past events. Created by veterans of the BioShock series and developers of Minerva’s Den, Gone Home is a short game (2 to 4 hours), but superbly built. Gone Home had also been priced in the year of its release, receiving several titles of “games of the year” by many magazines (IGN, Polygon, PC Gamer), and a BAFTA . The price of the iOS version seems much more fitting with the life of the game; so there is no excuse this time to miss this little gem.


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