Zodiac sign Aquarius: these are the characteristics of your child


An Aquarius is a bit stubborn and will therefore like to do things his own way. Above all, give him that freedom, because this is the only way he can best develop. A life full of structure and rules does not make him happy; Aquarians love adventure.

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Because Aquarians view the world from a rational perspective, they sometimes find it difficult to deal with emotions. After all, emotions cannot always be explained rationally.

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Although your child may be a bit reserved, he makes friends easily. He is funny, sociable and likes to be around people. He does everything for his friends, but as soon as he notices that it comes from one side, he is also quickly done with it. His down-to-earth view of the world may make your child seem a bit harsh at times, but it is always from a good heart.


An Aquarius loves nature and therefore likes to be outside. Give him a few marbles, let him stomp in puddles or float through the mud and he is completely in his element.

Source: Paravision & Astro Art

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