YouTube Music is rocketing. See how many downloads he already has on Google Play

The YouTube Music platform, which is a musical offshoot of a popular video server and which did not meet with a very warm welcome in its beginnings, is rapidly gaining in popularity. Or rather, it is constantly installed on a really large number of devices. Of course, even devices that have this tool preinstalled are responsible for that, with the Android Music app on the Android Google Store, a billion downloads / installations are already lit.

YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos

Would you remember when this service first appeared? It was at the end of 2015. At that time, however, without much promotion from Google itself and especially without the possibility of paid membership. Once both things arrived, numbers began to grow rapidly. The mentioned meta is really respectable also thanks to the fact that it is only a few months, specifically since September 2020, when this service in the form of the Android application meta meta 500,000 million.

YouTube Music Billion Downloads Google Play Store

Let’s remember again that the pre-installations in new phones, tablets and other devices are behind the big leap. However, the YouTube Music application itself can certainly be largely responsible for its success thanks to successful features and a billion downloads are the result of the efforts of its developers. In many ways, the service manages to surpass even Spotify. And that is an important fact in this field.

Are you using the YouTube Music app? How long?

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