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YouTube Music hands out ‘Year in Review’ 2020 with your personal hit list

After Spotify with its Wrapped overview, it is now the turn of YouTube. With the music service YouTube Music, users can watch their most favorite tracks; both from YouTube itself and YouTube Music.

Year in Review 2020

This week was the week in which Spotify shared everyone’s music list. The music service then shared Spotify Wrapped 2020. The results were then shared en masse. Now YouTube has a surprise in store for you.

The music service does this in the form of ‘Year in Review’. Here you will find the tracks you have listened to the most in 2020. This can be via the music service YouTube Music, but also via YouTube itself.

In Year in Review 2020 you will find your personal list. There are also other charts that show the hits of the past year. For this you will find ‘Top Songs of 2020’ and ‘Top Pop 2020’ with the best hits in certain genres.

If you are curious about your own annual overview on YouTube, you can find it via this link. You can view the rest of the lists in the YouTube Music app.

YouTube Music - stream music and watch videos
YouTube Music - stream music and watch videos

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