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YouTube Music automatically downloads just played songs for you

Have you developed a kind of crush on a certain new song and do you always want to have it with you without having to do anything yourself? YouTube Music has a handy new feature for you: the ability to automatically download played songs.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is YouTube’s app that lets you use YouTube more like a music streaming service. This way you can choose whether you also want to see the clips (which costs more data), or whether you only want to listen to the music. You can create playlists of your favorite songs and download songs for offline listening. That also saves data.

If you’re using YouTube Music on your Android phone with a Premium subscription, hopefully soon you’ll be able to find a new section that lets you listen to recently played songs right away, since YouTube already has them downloaded. In the settings menu under ‘downloads and storage’ you will find the option to turn on ‘smart downloads’.

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Download automatically

You can have a maximum of 500 tracks downloaded with this. YouTube will download them to your phone, but there isn’t really a specific place where you can find them all. Hopefully it will come, although you will probably just find them under the heading ‘downloads’ for the time being.

Although the new feature was introduced in mid-January, we now see it rolling out to users of YouTube Premium, the subscription that costs 11.99 euros per month. The advantage of YouTube Premium is that you do not have to see commercials, which YouTube is increasingly fanatical about.

YouTube Music

With the YouTube Music app, you can listen to ad-free music and watch clips, as well as play music in the background. You can also download the music..

It used to be a commercial of minutes, which you could skip after a few seconds. It is now a whole procession of commercials, where that ‘skip button’ is often hard to find. Logical, YouTube naturally wants to sell subscriptions. And now an extra advantage has been added, namely being able to download your recently played songs.

Do you use YouTube Premium and does this innovation make you happy? Leave it in the comments.

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