YouTube comments after the new in full screen mode

You will no longer miss comments, even if you turn on full screen mode in the YouTube app. AndroidPolice informs that YouTube is going to bring comment support to the mentioned full screen mode. We already have a short video of what it will look like in practice.

YouTube comments even in full screen mode

YouTube comments are among the most toxic on the Internet. Not that the rest of the Internet was a little better at toxicity, but the platform could be exceptional in this. The Internet is even full of stories of content creators who do not cope with this toxicity in the most pleasant way. We are talking about real toxicity and hatred and not constructive criticism – it is by no means bad.

Until recently, the YouTube application in full screen mode was a safe place against this toxicity, but apparently it looks like it may change soon. This is because the comments will be able to be displayed in the form of a slider, which will reduce the area of ​​the video being played, so you can enjoy watching both things at once.

Of course, you can close these comments at any time by sliding the panel down. In this case, the video will resize to full screen. Until now, you could only watch the video and read the comments in portrait mode, but that was clearly not the case. This change is likely to further highlight the YouTube community – for better or worse.

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