YouTube closes the FranceSoir channel following an incendiary interview with Jean-Marie Bigard!

Like freedom itself, freedom of expression was in the dark under the reign of the Covid. FranceEvening paid the price following the posting online of an interview with comedian Jean-Marie Bigard who attacked in particular President Macron or French health policy.

Thanks YouTube for this exciting info!

No notice, no explanation, no recourse but a simple message, laconic and without appeal “This account has been closed due to non-compliance with the rules of the YouTube community”. Account closed and nearly 300,000 subscribers lost, that’s the price for letting one of France’s most popular comedians speak out on visibly taboo subjects: health policy, vaccines, Véran, Macron …

Macron who should not be long in reacting and pleading the cause of the media FranceSoir or of “his friend” Bigard to the American giant, as the French president and his “Start-up Nation” are fond of digital communication … Gross, Twitch, Twitter, various social networks and various influencers… Well, at least when the influencers in question eat very nicely in his hand, like the famous Charlito and McBird, who politely play the game of power…

It is true that, on the contrary, Bigard kindly described the resident of the Élysée Palace as a “snake” comparing him to Kaa, the tempting python from the Jungle Book. A projection that probably would not have been appreciated at the top of the state, and as Roselyne Bachelot already wanted the skin of France, media that better educated people than us qualify as “conspirator”, we will not be surprised that it does not jostle at the gate of the Ministry of Truth to defend the freedom of expression which we spoke about in the introduction of this article.

So as a gift, if like any adult gifted with operational cognitive functions you are able to form an opinion for yourself, here is the censored video:
(Also available on the channels Odysee and Videos from FranceEven)

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