YouTube has released an update of its application iOS today ( Link App Store – Free – iPhone / iPad). If we rely on the notes from the App Store, there is nothing new. And yet, the update offers support for the new iPad Pro.

Not everything is perfect though. Indeed, the indicator at the bottom of the screen (which appears on devices that no longer have the Home button) hides the mentions Trends, Subscriptions and Inbox. Those who use a lot YouTube know what to match the icons, but for others … we must now hope that a new update will be deployed to better adapt the interface. But for the rest, everything is good and there are no more black bands around the application.

Another application that has been updated is Instagram . It proposes again the optimization of the screens of the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. This support debuted in October, before being withdrawn a few weeks ago . It is now fixed and those who have the big iPhone see their screens fully exploited to display more elements. The update is available now on the App Store . And for those who wonder: no, there is still no optimized version for the iPad.