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Androidworld Netherlands has been active on Twitter since 2008 and Androidworld Belgium has also been active here for a number of years. We recently started a Twitter account and you can read more about it here.

AW Deals

Every day we come across many offers at different online stores, but we cannot place every deal as an article in the offers category. Yet somehow we don’t want to withhold interested parties from the many promotions, offers and deals and that’s why we decided to create a special Twitter account for this and it’s called @AWDeals.

Through @AWDeals If possible, we post nice offers every day for smartphones, smart speakers, headphones, gadgets and much more. Most offers are provided with a so-called affiliate link. This means that Androidworld receives a commission as soon as a product is sold via the link.

Follow AW Deals on Twitter

Want great offers in your Twitter timeline every day? Then follow our special deals account here on Twitter. You can also subscribe to the Androidworld Deals newsletter to receive the deals in your mailbox. In addition, you will regularly see the best deals on Androidworld and you can also view them here.

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