You will soon also install iOS 15 and watchOS 8 with limited storage

Good news for anyone with limited storage on their iPhone or Apple Watch: watchOS 8 and iOS 15 require much less space to install.

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watchOS 8 and iOS 15 require less free space

Do you have an iPhone with 64GB of memory, or an older Apple Watch (such as the Series 3)? Then installing a major software update is always a matter of waiting: do you have enough space left to download the necessary files.

The arrival of the third beta of the major updates for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch seems to have a solution for this. On Apple’s beta website, the company writes that you can now update even if you “have less than 500MB of free space available.”

How Apple does this and how much space the storage now takes up is not clear. But it’s a solution for anyone with an Apple Watch Series 3. Earlier this year, a large group of owners of this model complained that they were having trouble installing software updates. The Series 3 has less internal memory, so Apple eventually recommended pairing the device from scratch to update.

Also getting started with the iOS 15 beta?

Reducing the amount of space required will save a lot of hassle this fall. Apple is expected to release the major updates of 2021 in September or October. Don’t want to wait that long to get started with all the new features? Then you can also choose to install the public beta. Do you want to know how to do this safely and quickly? Read our tip and watch our video in which we explain this step by step.

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