You want this for your child: handy sleep trainers


It is not only nice to sleep next to Miffy, she also helps you get up. Because that is only allowed once she has opened her eyes.

– A light is on at night
– When you get up there is a song
– works on three AAA batteries

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Bumba turns red when it is time to go to sleep, the next morning it turns yellow. Green is the signal to get up.

– With timer function and dimmer
– Works with a rechargeable battery and USB cable
– Made of plastic

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Sophie the Giraffe

Does your child have a lot of Sophie de Giraf items, such as a teether or bath book? Then this sleep trainer should of course not be missing on his bedside table.

At night, the bedroom turns blue. In the morning it turns yellow by itself: as if the sun is rising.

– Handy: it can be used lying, standing and hanging
– A luminous night owl also appears in the blue light
– Works on batteries or the universal power supply

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Sheep Zazu

1, 2, 3, 4 … Finished counting sheep? Then your child closes his eyes at the same time as sheep Sam and the screen turns blue. A sun will appear on the screen as soon as your child (at the time you set) can get up.

– Can also be used as an alarm clock
– Works on electricity and batteries
– It measures 14 x 20 cm

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To stay in the animal mood: Bobby the bear watches over your child at night and can also be used as an alarm clock.

– Analog and digital timing
– Volume is adjustable
– Works on batteries

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Rocket ship

Of course, there is a chance that your would-be astronaut will become so enthusiastic about this rocket that it will be hard for him to fall asleep.
But once he realizes that the take-off will take a while, he falls asleep like a log – only to be awakened the next morning with the words: five, four, three …

– Colors orange or green
– Can also be used as a digital clock and night light
– It measures 12 x 12 cm

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Your child can choose at bedtime which color Pam the penguin has: blue, pink, white or red. Will it turn green the next morning? Only then can your child get out of bed.

Also nice: Pam is also a bluetooth speaker. Connect the animal to your phone and let your child enjoy fun stories or songs.

– The sleep trainer is wireless
– Has an LED light and does not heat up
– Is 11 x 17 cm in size

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