You still have a chance to win a smartphone for 1000 €. It will be voted on by March 15

The Mô portal is organizing the sixth year of the survey Smart Bank 2020 powered by Payout. This is a unique survey in which, in cooperation with readers, we are looking for banks with the best mobile banking and smart functionalities in Slovakia.

More than 30,000 voters

The poll started on 19 January and has been involved in the vote since then more than 30,000 voters. However, the winner is far from decided. Voting still takes place and even a single vote can decide peacefully! Maybe just yours.

If you like how your bank approaches mobile, online or smart banking, support it and give it your voice! At the same time, you have the opportunity to express your opinion on the importance of individual functionalities within mobile banking.

We are extending the vote. Every vote = money for a good cause

If you have not yet voted, you do not have to worry at all. We decided on the duration of the survey extended until 15 March 2021. So you have enough time to consider who you will support in the competition.

However, do not hesitate for too long, because, in addition, we will convert each of the votes cast into 2 cents, which we donate to the civic association IPčko, where they will use them to help people in difficult life situations.

Win a € 1,000 smartphone

The best banks will receive the Smart Bank 2020 award. We will award banks in the first three places according to a public vote.

However, the awards will not only be won by the banks themselves, but also by the voters from whom we draw the winner of a new smartphone of your choice worth up to 1000 euros.

Can’t decide?

If you want to make the best decision when voting, but would need more information, you can find it in our articles, where we have covered some interesting features in more detail.

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