You shouldn’t ignore this message

A big change in WhatsApp was announced at the end of 2020, now it will be implemented with a certain deadline. If you currently open WhatsApp, you will see a warning that you should read carefully in order to be able to use the messenger after a certain date.

WhatsApp is updating its terms of use

A few weeks ago it was announced that WhatsApp will introduce changes that you absolutely have to agree to in order to continue using Messenger. From now on the first warning will be displayed. When I opened WhatsApp today, the following message appeared, which I do not have to pay too much attention to at this point in time and which I can still skip without consequences:


WhatsApp explains here that new terms of use and data protection guidelines will be implemented from February 8, 2021. Anyone who does not actively consent to this will no longer be able to use WhatsApp from February 8th. Usually this does not happen with small changes. If companies change the terms of use, you simply accept them passively if you don’t log out or delete your account. This time, however, an active consent is required because the changes are so big.

Why do I have to actively agree to the changes on WhatsApp?

  • Among other things, WhatsApp can send you push messages with news of the messenger after February 8, which has not worked so far. So when a new function is introduced, you will find out directly from WhatsApp in the future.
  • Much more important, however, is the data exchange with the parent company Facebook. The company has wanted to earn money with WhatsApp for years and is now tapping into the data. One cannot contradict that either. WhatsApp remains free, but you now pay for the messenger with your data, which is extremely valuable – especially with over two billion users.

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What about the security of WhatsApp?

It is currently unclear what exactly Facebook is doing with the data from WhatsApp. Suitable suggestions in chats that relate to the conversation would be conceivable. Personalized advertising on topics that you are currently discussing, such as buying new furniture, where an offer from Otto with a discount code might appear in the future, would be just the most harmless idea. WhatsApp can give you recommendations for interesting content in the future. To do this, the content of text and speech must also be analyzed, which should not be possible with end-to-end encryption. So it remains a strange aftertaste, as Facebook grants itself a lot of freedom with WhatsApp, which you have to agree to if you want to continue using WhatsApp after February 8th.

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